Good Vibes To Heat Up Your Summer@張北草原音樂節

They call it ‘one of the best music festivals in China’, therefore I wasn’t going to let my last day in China go wasted.

Launched for the 9th year, Sun Music Festival (張北草原音樂節 translate: Zhangbei Grasslands Music Festival) had put on over 60 performances in the 3-day event in late July, featuring mainstream names in the industry like Xu Wei (許巍) and Chang Chen-Yue (張震嶽).

It has attracted hundreds of thousands audience coming to the Zhangbei grasslands located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei this summer and enjoy a great weekend where people celebrate music under such festive atmosphere.

Apart from the music, the grasslands can also turn into a huge campsite, offering visitors a different kind of accommodating experience outside of the big cities.

Right after the end of my internship in Beijing, I traveled all the way to Zhangbei for the music festival before hopping on a plane back home the next day.

The venue is (supposedly) several hours away from Beijing. But unfortunately, I have underestimated the traffic problems in China and it turned out to be a ridiculously difficult 13-hour car ride before I finally arrived at the festival.

Transportation has been under the blue, but it still was an enjoyable evening in Zhangbei being a part of this celebration of music. Watching the performance of some up and coming local musicians such as Good Meimei (好妹妹樂隊) and NZBZ (南征北戰) with a larger-than-life crowd has been an amazing experience, even if it means spending almost an equal amount of time traveling back to town.

See the photos of the event below.

(Text and Photography by Richelia Yeung)


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