Banquet of Smells@Atelier Mnemist 國際頂級調香大師教妳調制獨一無二的專屬香氛

(Audio extracted from the program ‘FM Lifestyle’ on Radio Beijing International, 27/06/2017)

There are thousands of smells around us. We can sniff a whole bunch of things like roses, vanilla, orange, woods, grass, leather, plastic and oceans.

However, very few of us are able to compose different scents into perfumes to manipulate the sense of smell and bring back the pleasant memory of good scents.

Perfumery is a very small industry – supposedly there are more astronauts than there are perfumers in the world.

Jahnvi Dameron Nandan from Paris is one of the 250 perfume masters in the world.

Jahnvi recently flew to Beijing to throw a banquet of smells, collaborating with Fresher Style, a popular high-end lifestyle platform in China to teach Chinese people how to make their own signature perfume at a workshop.

See the photos of the event below.


Read the original article here.

(Reported by Radio Beijing International Reporter Chloe Liu and Intern Reporter Richelia Yeung/ Photography by Richelia Yeung)




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