Hinry Lau Cheuk-hin: From Surveyor to Cantopop Singer

By Richelia Yeung, Tiffany Lui and Isabella Lo


Hinry Lau Cheuk-hin, the rising singer-songwriter, was a surveyor working in the Lands Department.  His music career first began in 2012, when he was invited to perform in a concert of the so-called God of Song – Cantopop musician Samuel Hui Koon-kit.

Graduated in the University of Hong Kong, the 24-year-old musician could have enjoyed an easy life with his profession.  Nevertheless, he forwent his blue collar job two years ago, and started full-time busking and singing on the streets.

Taking part in the third season of Voice of China in 2014, a TV singing competition, Hinry won the champion among Hong Kong competitors, which he described as ‘a coincidence’. This experience has inspired him to pursue the music career with no fear.

Later in the same year, he formed the band ‘Call Back ASAP’ with three of his friends, taking up the role as a vocal-guitarist.  They now share a studio in Kwun Tong, where they will have regular practices on every Wednesday.  Their first debuted song ‘Wednesday night’ illustrates

In late September, a video of Hinry has gone viral on social media – he got a round applause from passersby while performing at a flyover leading to the Kwun Tong MTR station after his verbal clash with MTR employees who wanted him to leave the place.  Citing the deed number, he told the two staff that he was a surveyor by profession, and the place where he was performing was not owned by the MTR Corporation, according to Apple Daily.  Thousands of people have viewed and shared the video across social media, supporting Hinry’s courage to stand up against the big corporation’s regulation.

Hinry is frequently invited to perform for different shows as a result of his growing popularity.  Although he does not go busking as often now, he is more focused on his songwriting career, hoping to produce music regarding social phenomena in Hong Kong.  He is going to officially debut in Hong Kong next year, with new songs written and composed by himself.

Clink the link below to see the video about Hinry’s road of becoming a Cantopop singer.


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